Italian Real Estate and Luxury Property for sale

Italy is one of the most popular holiday destinations on earth, and it’s no wonder. In Florence, don’t miss the awesome Colosseum. It is to die for. Head to Italy if you love luxury and natural wonders. You’re open to breaking rules to get a ‘real’ Italy experience. You need an imaginative escape that includes fun activities. You like calculating shortcuts. You like pleasant chaos. You can’t snowboard. There are many other reasons but we love the list above. Are you ready? Let’s conquer Italy together!

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The Ancient City of Florence is the seat of power in Italy. It is also a modern cultural and architectural center with a four-sided city: Florence sits on top of Mount, an active volcano that gives the city its dramatic and often dazzling beauty. The cityscape is flushed with intermingling Art Deco and Renaissance architectural masterpieces. Fireworks can light up the sky above Florence if the city festival is going on at that point in time.

Florence is consistently ranked as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Due to its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, pop culture in Florence is always at its best. Battery Park, the ‘gas station of the world’, hosts nightlife, concerts, and other cultural events. Fortunately, I found Jardin da Cultura, a museum dedicated to art in Italy. Their collection is massive, from typical rural Art Nouveau paintings to surrealist works painted in black, white and red. I absolutely loved the fireplace painting on display here. The painting was so breathtaking that I lasted until the end to admire it.

The Catholic Church in Italy has a special place in the national identity. Italians have a special phrase to describe the importance of the church. The Church’s role in the country’s cultural, political and social life gave it a special place in Italian identity. One of the most prominent icons in the church is that of Santa Maria Novella. As the most visited landmark in the city (and featured in Disney’s movie The Twelve Million Dollar Man), Santa Maria Novella is visited by millions of tourists a year.