Custom made furniture

Custom made furniture isn’t an option most of think of when it is time to replace a piece of furniture, but it is worth considering. Bespoke furniture is often high-quality. While this can drive up the price, it also means that the furniture will last longer than “off the rack” pieces, thereby evening out the cost in the long run, or even saving you money, while giving you the satisfaction of getting exactly what you want.

When you order custom furniture, you have the luxury to make sure it fits your room exactly, and that it has the upholstery and finish that works best with your other pieces, and with your lifestyle. For instance, you may have a nook in which you would like a small sofa or armchair, or you would like to have nice-looking furniture, but you have young children, so you need upholstery that is extra-sturdy to cover it.

Custom made furniture does not have to be made locally, although that will save you shipping costs. Nowadays you can buy custom made furniture from anywhere in the world, simply by using the Internet to place your order. Keep in mind that when you are choosing from options listed on a website, you might not have the ability to request something not offered, whereas in person or on the phone, you might be able to. If you find someone who is flexible enough, and many furniture makers are, you may even be able to buy upholstery fabric from one supplier, and a frame from yet another, who can also put the whole piece together.

When you buy custom made furniture, you can take advantage of rare or hard-to-find materials and have them incorporated into the piece. If you are a furniture designer at heart, but lack the tools, materials and/or know-how to make your own furniture, custom made might be the answer for you. Make sure you check the references of anyone who asks for a great deal of money up front, and don’t pay for the whole piece before it is delivered. You should also see several examples of the furniture maker’s work before committing to using them. If you end up with a piece you love, don’t forget to let the furniture maker know, and to tell all of your friends. They love to hear from satisfied customers, and they may give you a finder’s fee for referrals. But most of all, enjoy your new custom furniture!