Ultimate Guide for Real Estate Ljubljana Slovenia

Real estate in Ljubljana

If you are shopping around for real estate Ljubljana Slovenia, one of the things you will notice is that the capital city doesn’t even feel and look like a capital city in the first place. 

For one, Ljubljana is strikingly small for a capital city. The population in this city is only more than a quarter million residents. However, thanks to its small size and quaint ambiance, it gives Ljubljana a very unique charm. 

But don’t let its small size fool you because it is still packed with an amazingly long list of things to do and sights to see, and some of these are the following:

Stroll Around the Attractive Historic City Center 

Ljubljana may be small but it got so many things in store for you. The best place to kickstart your exploration is none other than Preseren Square. This is where you can find the iconic pink Franciscan Church of the Annunciation of the city. 

Ljubljana Historic City Center.
The Historic City Center of Ljubljana.

From there, you can then walk south across Triple Bridge and then turn east to Dragon Bridge which will lead you to Central Market. Once there, don’t miss the chance to try some of their fresh produce and food. You might also want to head over to Cankarjevo Nebrezje, a pedestrian street dotted with cafes, restaurants, and shops. 

Fill Your Tummy at Gostilna Sokol

Gostilna Sokol is no doubt one of the best dining spots favored by most proud owners of real estate Ljubljana Slovenia. Located right downtown, this is where you can relish an amazing venison goulash served in a bread bowl and paired with the honey alcohol called medica. 

The restaurant is reminiscent of an old cabin and is a truly nifty place for dining in. Whether you are in Ljubljana for a quick visit or you have moved there for good, it is highly recommended to grab a bite to eat at Gostilna Sokol. The menu is fantastic, and the place feels incredibly rustic. 

Hike to Ljubljana Castle

Perched high above on a large hill that overlooks the rest of the city, the Ljubljana Castle once defended the area many centuries ago. Today, however, the castle has a different function and purpose. Rather than serving as a fortress that protects the city, the castle now serves as the home to a café, a restaurant, a nightclub, an escape room, and so much more. 

The Ljubljana Castle in the evening.
The Ljubljana Castle high above on a large hill that overlooks the rest of the city .

With all the different things to do in the castle, it makes the spot a must-visit during your stay in Ljubljana. You can consider trekking to the castle on foot or better yet, you can also ride the cable car. If the escape room seems enticing, make sure you buy tickets ahead of time because these often sell out immediately. 

Explore the Great Museums of Ljubljana 

  • Ljubljana surprisingly packs a punch in terms of the number of museums it has for such a small city. This is why most real estate Ljubljana Slovenia owners who are also into art are glad that they are living in the area. 
  • For one, there is the National Gallery of Slovenia which showcases European works that date as far back as the Medieval Era. There is also the National Museum of Slovenia which is dedicated to the culture and history of the country.
  • Building on this is the National Museum of Contemporary History whose main focus is the 20th-century history of Slovenia, a time that was quite interesting for the entire nation. On a much different note, you can also find the Museum of Illusions which specializes in some insane optical illusions. 
  • These are only four of the many museums in Ljubljana, and all of them won’t make you regret that you took the time to visit and browse around them. 

Walk to Preseren Square Across Triple Bridge

Ljubljana is renowned for being the home to some stunning bridges, and the Triple Bridge is no doubt the most iconic of them all. The Triple Bridge, as its name suggests, is a set of three bridges located right next to each other, all of them passing over the main river flowing through the city. 

Triple Bridge, Preseren Square and Franciscan Church of the Annunciation in City Center of Ljubljana.
Triple Bridge, Preseren Square and the iconic pink Franciscan Church of the Annunciation in City Center of Ljubljana.

The bridges have a history that dates as far back as 100 to 170 years ago, boasting of ornate and beautiful decorations. The Triple Bridge is the perfect backdrop for capturing stunning photos. On the northern tip of the bridge, you will find Preseren Square, the city’s main square. 

To make the experience at the bridge even more exciting, you can cross the bridge away from Preseren Square and head to the south before turning east. Along the way, you will pass by two of the other most iconic bridges of Ljubljana, the Butcher’s Bridge, and the Dragon Bridge

How Many Days Should You Spend in Ljubljana?

Thanks to its size, you won’t have a hard time exploring Ljubljana in just one day. If you can only afford to spend one day in the city, you can check out many of its main attractions. 

However, it is recommended to add one or two more days to your itinerary since this will give you more time to enjoy the area and learn more about its history and culture. 

Learn more about Ljubljana’s history and culture in this Ljubljana Vacation Travel Guide

To make things better, you don’t have to simply pass through the city or visit it for three days. Ljubljana is an extremely charming city that grows on you when you stay longer. This is why it isn’t surprising that more and more people are interested in buying real estate in Slovenia

When is the Perfect Time to Visit Ljubljana?

It seems that there is no such thing as a bad time to visit the city of Ljubljana. Although the winter weather might not be the best, the city feels like a true winter wonderland when you visit the city while the ground is covered with snow. As long as you are up to deal with the cold, it seems that winter is the perfect time of the year to visit Ljubljana. 

If the cold bothers you, you can also consider visiting during the fall or spring season. The weather during this time is comfortable enough for exploring the area without the risk of getting cold. 

Buy real estate Ljubljana Slovenia and experience the charm of this small city with big wonders!

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