Welcome to Google Andromeda System

Google will reveal its new system which merges the Android and Chrome, and called Andromeda OS.As we all know, Google has two system, Android and Chrome. Android’s market share is about 85%, which means almost has no competitor, while the Chrome OS, which is desktop OS, only has a little market share. Android is the …

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Samsung Recovery

Data corruption is certain to cause a lot of chaos and panic. With the right steps taken, it is possible to recover lost data from a laptop or PC. In many situations where the hardware is still active, there are several options to recover the potentially lost data yourself. But, if the hard drive appears …

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juego x cl

PlayStation online games are really popular these days and PS3 is the most current edition of Sony gaming consoles. All the defects and disadvantages of PS2 has been fixed in PS3. All players now extended for PS3. There are a lot of items which will help to boost your PS3 gaming encounter.Following you have bought …

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