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An Alternative to Hardwood Floor Refinishing. When selecting a hardwood floor, lots of attention is paid to what kind of flooring materials, coloring, finish and a variety of other elements of hardwood floors along with their effect on your house. Hardly any guidelines are given about how to correctly take care of your hardwood floors once they are installed. Hardwood floors are treated with a polyurethane sealant giving wood floors their sheen, protection as well as overall resilience. The finish of the flooring will last around three years, Gradually, the floors will dull. This is because very small dust are constantly being ground into the finish.

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Best woods for furniture making

Balso, Palo de Balso, Balsa, Palo de Balsa, Ta...

Balso, Palo de Balso, Balsa, Palo de Balsa, Tacariguo, Tacarigua, Cambómbora, Tambor, Lano (Ochroma pyramidale) (Photo credit: barloventomagico)

A few examples of amazing woods that can be used for furniture making.


We are immensely lucky to deal with definitely variable and greatly beautiful, indigenous and amazing hardwoods. Among the essential joys of making lovely wooden furniture is functioning these materials. Each timber has its very own personality. Each board is different. Some varieties reduced under the chisel like challenging cheese. Others have all the firmness and resilience of mild steel but without the coldness of touch. Cherrywood, Pearwood, Elm, Ripple Sycamore and Olive Ash are all products that we delight in functioning right here at Rowden Atelier. We have a stock below of remarkable wood that we are booking for our clients’ job. All we need is the motivation from a customer with vision and imagination. Continue reading